Linguistic Quality Assurance

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Uniform writing and style rules, at least for the source language, together with consistent use of standardized terminology are an important precondition – along with content structuring – for ensuring high reusability rates for modules, sentences or text fragments when using Content Management Systems (CMS) with or without authoring support.

Today linguistic quality assurance, especially for the source language, is performed more and more by downstream language checking programs (also called language checkers) and by authoring support systems that run in parallel to the writing process. No longer limited simply to spell checking, it now also includes terminology and style rules, especially as part of a controlled language system such as rule-based writing according to tekom guidelines or ASD Simplified Technical English.

As mentioned previously, quality control is an important precondition for achieving high reusability rates in translations, which in turn has an especially positive effect on translation costs in the medium term.

Using appropriate quality assurance measures both in the source texts and in the translated target language texts will also significantly enhance the quality of the translations themselves.

Suitable sets of rules are therefore necessary for both automated and manual linguistic checking. But these sets of rules are not simply available ready-made. Instead they have to be adapted to the specific features of the relevant company.


Needs analysis


Would you like to introduce terminology work into your company? But are you lacking convincing arguments to present to your supervisors or company management? Together with you we will develop the best possible strategy for a course of action, based on the circumstances of your company.

You’ll receive a needs analysis including a detailed catalogue of measures and if required also a roadmap from us, a convincing instrument to support your argumentation, which also considers costs and benefits.

Evaluation of Language Checking Tools


Would you like to check and improve the linguistic quality of your texts by introducing a language checking tool? But which of the tools on the market will cover your needs for necessary functions? We will conduct a needs analysis for you and evaluate possible software tools. As the final result we will provide you with a detailed analysis to serve as the basis for making a decision.

Style Guides / Writing Guidelines


Do you want to safeguard the quality of source language texts while simultaneously cutting translation costs? But are you not yet creating your content based on uniform principles of comprehensibility? Then in addition to consistently using your terminology, you should also begin creating your documents appropriately for translation, in other words more consistently and in compliance with rules.

We would be happy to develop a set of rules tailored to your needs together with you in the form of writing guidelines. There are standardized systems available as a temporary measure, for example rule-based writing according to the tekom guideline, but they still need to be adapted individually to the specific structures and features of your company.

Training / Coaching


You have created some new writing rules and now you would like to introduce them. We would be happy to train your employees and introduce them to the new writing rules with practical exercises and illustrative examples. You have tasked an employee with introducing new writing rules or a language checking tool in the company. You would also like to provide external support for him so he can manage the task more confidently with an experienced expert at his side. We will be happy to provide our experience and coach your employee.

Proofreading and Review Processes


Would you like to establish linguistic quality assurance in your company or analyse and improve your existing process? We will be happy to support you in this area. We will closely and critically examine the existing work steps and interfaces together with you and the relevant managers and departments, developing strategies and guidelines to make proofreading or revision of texts more efficient.

Proofreading as a service


Do you write, and would you like to publish without errors? We will be happy to check your German or English texts for spelling, grammar, typography, punctuation, uniformity, terminology and content.